Total VPS are free for trial using

⦁ 7 days free for using Windows/Linux VPS
According to me, this is the site offers Free VPS is worth a try. Began offering virtual server servicessince 1998, for almost 20 years, this company has built a brand and confirmed its position. After creating an account here, you are allowed up to a free trial 2 Cloud VPS within 7 days. With wonderful parameters
Drive: 50GB SSD
Advantages: Parameter is ok, good speed, in addition to the two operating systems commonly used Windows and Linux, you can install Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SugarCRM, Redmin, Tomcat, Alfresco, Gallery … so, of course, in case you paid offline. In addition, the parties do not require a credit card, just a phone number for verification.
Disadvantages: does not encourage to use of email by Yahoo, Google, Microsoft that should use the case to avoid own domain email doesn’t get VPS.
⦁ 3 day free for using Vietnamese Windows VPS
This page himself accidentally see when are surfing youtube. Overall not too bad compared to the price of Free. This page is owned by a joint stock company Data Services information technology Ltd, headquartered in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM. Domain name registration from 2010, I saw this on also has virtual server business, which saw no Middleweight. It seems that very few people know. Parameters such as the following:
RAM: 1 GB, 1 Core
Drive: 20 GB SSD
Advantages: Free, Vietnamese host should for very high speed, can use to move data from a server to another server, down/upload files, or simply used to hang game. This party also does not require a credit card, just need a phone number (the first number only in Vietnam) is that you can own 1 em windows VPS quite delicious.
Disadvantages: no Linux VPS, the time limit is too short, 3 days, not on the Remote Desktop connection, can only access the VPS on your browser.
⦁ 7-day trial English VPS
This is the website virtual server service provider headquartered in Dewsbury, England. I just know this company after a friend shared that this party is allowed to test the server.
⦁ 2 Core,
⦁ RAM: 1 GB
⦁ Drive: 10 GB SSD
Advantages: look through I don’t see any advantage in addition to the outstanding free, and do not require credit card @ @.
Disadvantages: during registration, you should Fake IP and info over England because of the chances they will block registration from Vietnam. In addition, many cases will be asked to verify your phone number again.
⦁ 7-day trial VPS Canada
See also snatch batch of promotion from this side but that also do not care for the job. This company is quite notable, established in 2009, based in Toronto, Canada. European goods almost never also quite spacious.
Parameters such as the following:
⦁ 2 GB of RAM, 2 CPU
⦁ Drive: 50 GB SSD
Advantages: the speed pretty fast and stable, because this is also the Canadian side of the company. No credit card required, just your phone number for verification. VPS can connect using VNC or the connection always on your browser.
Disadvantages: this Party does not accept Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft, want to register the required you to have mail under your own domain, such as, or use the email of the company or school.
⦁ 12 days free VPS Linux/Windows
Also back is 1 VPS Canadian goods, however the server back to the most recent take advantage of Argentina. The company established in 2008 that don’t know why acting now for a free trial.
⦁ 2Core, 2 GB RAM
⦁ Drive: 200 GB HHD: 4
Advantages: Every CA that is also comfortable, near 2 weeks. Does not require a credit card and phone number must then (sorry in I have not had time to test 🙁). Choice of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Linux, Debian Linux, Linux Cloud CentOS …
Disadvantages: Also because using the drive speed that this party HHD seems slow, not cattle as those on.

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