Microsoft buys Avere to boost its hybrid cloud strategy

Avere Systems, a Microsoft partner, can help Azure reach the growing market of cloud-based HPC solutions.
Microsoft rolls out the Pittsburgh-based Avere Systems system, enhances high-performance data storage services (HPC), and giant storage services for technology giant Redmond.

Financial details are not disclosed.

The Avere system is dedicated to NFS (Network File System) and SMB (Server Message Block) file storage for HPC data centers, clouds and workloads of both Linux and Windows. The deal comes just weeks after the company launched its flagship FXT Edge (FXT 5850) filer on December 12, allowing businesses to expand their NAS (online storage) to cloud and consolidate management.
“Avere’s cloud solutions provide low-latency data access to access data centers, remote offices, and offices,” said Ronald Bianchini Jr, president and CEO of Avere Systems  and public clouds. “Our customers share efficient storage and computing resources across multiple data centers, and perform efficiently and use public and private cloud infrastructures  human “.
This is not the first time the two companies have reached an agreement.
By 2015, Microsoft and Avere establish strategic partnerships, enabling the deployment of thousands of Azure HPC workloads on demand using the FXT Edge filter in the cloud. Customers can use Azure’s huge infrastructure in just minutes, allowing free cloud-based data processing to move data in place with near latency.

Now, as the software giant continues to expand the HPC market in the cloud, Microsoft will bring Avere’s knowledge in the home. Jason Zander, Microsoft Azure’s vice president of blogs, said: “By incorporating Avere’s knowledge of the cloud with the power of Microsoft’s cloud, customers will benefit from innovation. Leading in the industry, allowing the most complex and high performance workloads to run in Microsoft Azure. ”
Avere customers include Sony Pictures’ Imageworks, the Library of Congress and John Hopkins University. Once the acquisition is closed, the Avere team will join Microsoft out of Pittsburgh.
Buying Avere helps Microsoft to consolidate its position in the growing market for cloud-based HPC services. Although the demand has become warm history, is expected to increase in 2018 or above.
HPC’s centers are well-oiled, using over 90%. Essentially, they are the experts who make the most out of their IT investments, thus negating the many cost-cutting benefits provided by computational companies by cloud computing companies. Univa chief executive Gary that changed in 2018 as cloud providers became experts. An appetite for computational power, “says Navops.” Now you can easily track the cloud computing cycle in an opportunistic, economic and continuous manner.
Demonstrating growing demand, Microsoft has acquired HPC Cycled Computing Notebook in August 2017.
A member of Cloud’s Cloud Computing Foundation, Cycle Computing specializes in orchestral software that enables businesses to run high-volume workloads on cloud infrastructures. In 2014, Microsoft acquired GreenButton, a New Zealand-based startup with Cloud Fabric, which allows subscribers to have unlimited processing power for large data and HPC workloads.

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