University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom Admissions

Greenwich is one of the largest and modern universities in the UK.

The school was awarded the Queen’s Award for outstanding achievement in education of undergraduate, postgraduate and is the school with the number of student satisfaction highest in London (according to 2009 rankings of the Releases The Sunday Times Magazine).

The school has more than 150 professionals such as business, finance, computer, engineering, architecture, maritime, law, science … Scholarships worth 1,000 pounds a year for the entire bachelor and master courses. Undergraduates and postgraduate students are allowed staying in the UK to work for 2 years. Mechanism transfer into university is flexibile. Greenwich has library system, foreign language classrooms, modern computer system.

Education program:

English Course: 9 Weeks: Request IELTS 5.5; Tuition: 1350 Great British Pound (GBP) for 5 weeks: Requirements IELTS 5.5; Tuition: 820 GBP.

Pre-University: Requirements IELTS 4.5 / TOEFL 400; Fees: 5,850 GBP per year.

Bachelor of Art: Requirements: IELTS 6, TOEFL 550, Fees: 8,950 GBP per year.

Master: Tuition: 9350-11150 GBP a course, MBA: 11,150 GBP a course. Some sectors of tuition can range from 9,350 to 12,500 GBP a course. Requirements: IELTS 6, TOEFL 550.

Schools receiving Vietnam student exellent finished Grade 11 to enter pre-university course; Students graduating from high school in the first year bachelor program. Besides, the school also has the transfer flexible courses for students in Vietnam.

Conditions for transfer: Forwarding to the first year: IELTS 6, achieving high result in the graduation exam or have completed the first year related professional. Forwarding to the second year: IELTS 6, finished 2nd year college related professional. Forwarding to the 3rd year: IELTS 6, finished 3rd year college related professional.

Beside the short-term English courses, the school also has ISIS Greenwich Language Center training English courses from 4 to 44 weeks for about 125 GBP per week. After completing the courses here, the students not need to do IELTS exam but just to pass school exams to get the admission main course.

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