University of DCT Hotel and Tourism Management, Switzerland

DCT ( is a member of the ASEH-the best Hotel Administration Schools  Association of Switzerland, NEASC-the member of the New England  Schools Association, United States. ACBSP (Association of American business schools).

Study foundation located in Vitznau, 20 km from the center of Lucerne. Lucerne is a famous tourism city in the world, where converge of the most famous luxury hotels and restaurants of the Swiss.

DCT trains students from over 40 countries around the world. Teaching foundations is equipped with full modern facilities to support to international student. Library has computer system and Wi-Fi covered all. Students at DCT live in the double or triple room of the hotels three star standard. All rooms have a bathroom, separate toilet with equipment such as televisions, refrigerators and wireless Internet for 24/24 hours systems facilitate studying and living. Students can stay in school in the mid-term vacations and offered a free daily meal.

Each academic year consists of 6 months of theory and 6 months of paid internship at the restaurant, hotel of Switzerland or other European countries. The minimum wage in Switzerland is from 2.168 to 2.450 CHF per month. School ensures introduction intern work for students at the 4 or 5 stars Hotels in Switzerland.

Education program:

Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Administration grants the multiple-degree of Lynn University(USA) and DCT (Switzerland). Course duration: 4 years of study include 4 semesters of theory (6 months / period) and 4 semester of paid internship (6 months / period).

Postgraduate Degree (PGD) program is about Tourism and Hotel Management. Duration: 1 year for 6 months of theory and 6 month paid internship.

Master of bachelor (MBA) course-Tourism and Hotel Management (from 1 to 2 years)

The European Chef courses including: Certificate of chef (3 months), Certificate of Executive Chef (6 months of studying plus 6 months of paid internship), College of  Europe Chef (9 months of studying plus from 6 to 9 months of paid internship), College of Senior European Chefs (12 months of studying plus from 6 to 12 months of paid internship), a bachelor’s degree of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Administration (15 months of studying plus 6 months of internship compulsory plus from 3 to 9 months internship optional).

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