The Vocational training Program of the City & Guilds Organization

City & Guilds organizes examinations and certification for the vocational training fields, Management and Technique with more than 500 courses and certificate of 28 branches from the beginning to the equivalent level postgraduate.

Established in 1878, City & Guilds is a vocational training organization in the UK with the number of participants up to 2 million people each year. Students of City & Guilds certified a certificate of international vocational training and employers recognition in worldwide.
City & Guilds is available in 85,000 centers in 81 countries around the world, and 7 branches in Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

The vocational training certificates of City & Guilds include: Medical, Health caring and protection; Automobile engineering certificates; Vocational Pedagogy of international tourism; Retail business; Hair salon; Beauty salon; Restaurants and Hotels; Vocational skills; Cafe serving and bartender; Bodyguard business; International  vocational Certificate in IT; Certificate of Technician; Technical information industries; Information system; Electrical engineering and electronics; Techniques of oil and gas industry.

Certificate of business complementary sectors: Information Technology, Certificate of international English for foreigners (ESOL), Business English, English Office, office skills, administrative skills & secretarial, customer service, calculation skills and finance.

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