The Desert Christian High School

The Desert Christian High School gives opportunities for excellent academic in pre-university environment and at the same time providing a teaching curriculum as required to prepare to students entering into university chosen.

Advanced courses and college counseling office will help students and their families planning for their future academic. Each year, the school often starts with 3 special days designed for children to build relationships with each other, grow through the word of God and a great time. As a member of the Federation of Highlands, participating in sports is encouraged here. The variety of clubs and extracurricular activities allow all students to engage in services in school and community to make use of hobbies and their talents to obtain the reality learning experience.

Living Environment

One hour in north of Los Angeles; away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Lancaster City is pride by blue sky and natural beauty during four seasons. Located in the southern of highland area, California State, Lancaster City is always warm all day and cool, comfort at night.

The weather of this region is warmest in July and coldest in December time of year. In February, it is the wettest period of the year.

Studying Costs

Total of costs is 28.450 USD per year including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship but not including insurance.


The student will be stayed with a native family who was carefully chosen in the Lancaster area. A guardian was appointed to assist and supervise students and indigenous families during the studying periods in the US.

Extracurricular activities

School offers many extra-curricular programs for students each year including clubs like Dodge Ball Club, Fencing Club, Hacky Sack Club, National Honor Society Club, Photography Club, Pilates Club, sappy Girl Movie Club, Senior Leadership Club Ultimate Frisbee Club.

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