The AMI educational institutions in Australia

Located in downtown Melbourne, AMI is one of the educational institutions that provides university programs through vocational training. The quality of diploma is recognized in the worldwide and associated with the University of Ballarat for university training.

AMI Education with teaching methods make all students feeling comfortable and easy to absorb. Size of classes are small helping students be caring and easily get the assistant of the teacher whenever you have problems. Services support to student perfectly. The school has the airport transportation services, housing arrangements and consultation about personal issues for students.

ombining with the University of Ballarat, one of the high quality schools of Australian educates college courses, undergraduate and postgraduate with the sectors of economic management, trade, accounting …

The courses of the University of Ballarat and AMI.

English: Basic English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 1 and 2, Study program for IELTS test, the basic program and academic.

College of Hotel Management (Commercial Cooking) with 2-year curriculum includes the programs to getting the certificate of III and IV.

College of welfare community working with 2-year program includes the program for 400 hours of practice.

3-year college program for majors: business, commerce (accounting).

Postgraduate program takes from 1 to 2 year degree: Graduated in Management Diploma, Commercial; Master of Business Administration; Master of Business Administration (International Management); Master of Professional Accounting; Master commerce (Accounting).

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