Southern Utah University in USA

Below are some examples of why should students choose to study in SUU:
  • Last ten years, graduates have achieved :
  1. 90% was admitted to accredited law schools
  2. 100% was admitted to pharmacy schools
  3. 96% admitted to medical schools
  4. 82% admitted to dental schools.
  • Recently, SUU has achieved 97.3% of employed people
  • Tuition at SUU is very reasonable (tuition of international university students is only 9.205USD / a semester)
  • Every year, Southern Utah University enrolls students from over 30 different countries
  • International students enjoy the kind attention to each individual, which makes the university famous
  • SUU has small class size, on an average,there are fewer than 30 students in 73% of subjects.

International Scholarship:
Southern Utah University award special scholarships for international students. Any student that has completed enrollment files before the deadline for the scholarship will automatically be considered for a scholarship.
The deadline for fall semester
  • March 1 – Deadline of prior scholarship for international students
  • May 1 – Deadline of scholarships for international students
The deadline for spring semester
  • October 1 – Deadline of scholarships for international students in Spring
The scholarship types:
  • Founder International Scholarship – 4 years: scholarship 8.500USD
  • Dean International Scholarship – 4 years: $ 6,000 scholarship
  • Centurium International Scholarship – $ 3,000 scholarship for 4 years

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