Scholarships 5000 SGD in EASB Singapore

Scholarships for students enrolled in a master’s program EASB – Student has strength in training Hotel and Tourism Management sector.

Established since 1984, EASB is one of the oldest Private Institutes in Singapore. It has more than 30 educational sectors at 2 campuses large and modern. The school has partnerships with three universities in the UK and one university in Australia. The student can transfer to 31 universities around the world. 90% of students look a job within six months after graduation.

One of the core training objectives that EASB pursue, that is willing to help students become human talent, professionalism, creativity and capture the best employment opportunities immediately after graduation . The curriculum of EASB always meets the best demands for skills and reality knowledge of the economic.

Lecturers are people who have practical work experience in the professions in which they teach. EASB also ensures that students are learnt the soft skills in preparation for work as computer, teamwork, presentation skills, behavior and communication in business, job searching, resume writing and interviewing.
In particular, Singapore has the hiring policy for talent students staying to work. So, for student graduated from EASB wishing to stay in Singapore, the school has policies to support students finding employment and staying for career starting.
EASB is one of the best schools of Singapore training Tourism and Hotel Management sector. With the bachelor’s program Tourism and Hotel Management of Queen Margaret University and University of Wales, EASB is the first university construction Reality Training Centre in Tourism and Hotel is located right on campus with software support to ensure the reality of the curriculum. EASB is committed to arrange internship possibilities at hotels, travel agents in Singapore for 6 months paid for students. In particular, students completed the second year in EASB can forward last year to study in Britain. University of Wales, Cadiff (UK) give an opportunity for you to transition last year going to internship a year with paid, free for food and accommodation in Europe before getting the bachelor’s degree.
The bachelor training programs include: tourism and Hotel Management; Hospitality major Event or Casino, Tour operators; Business Management; Banking Finance; Accounting; Finance; Business management of information technology application; Human Resource Management; International Business; Marketing; Supply chain management and logistics.
Masters include: Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Human resources management, Project management, Hotel and Tourism Management.
Admission time: monthly English Opening. Bachelor and Master’s: January, April, July and October
ASCI is free admissions guide, records translation cost, delivery records, register dorm or searching housing. Particularly, ASCI gave free airfare for all students enrolled in Singapore.

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