Royal Palm Academy (RPA)

Royal Palm Academy (RPA) is an outpatient Catholic school for male and female in Naples City, Florida State.

The mission of the school is providing to students with the Catholic education with various curriculums, and also do not forget to cultivate thinking ability, character education and formation necessary virtues of a leader in the near future. The school is accredited by the Council of Private Schools in Florida, the Association of High Schools and Universities in Southern and the Council of Florida kindergartens. School is also a member of the Council of American Private Education (CAPE). It is proud of students being comprehensive and responsible. Every year, there are about 240 indigenous students and 5 international students to enroll at the school.

Living Environment

School is situated in Naples City, Florida State where is considered as a diamond to be given of Southwest Area, Florida State, and is the home of about 7,000 people. Naples is surrounded by the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, with over 10 miles of clean white sand beaches and proud of the best quiet beach of Florida. Naples is known for shops, restaurants, beaches and golf playgrounds for world-class. Naples City is a tropical paradise with warm temperatures all year, the average temperatures about 77 degrees F.

Studying Costs
The total of costs in academic year 2015 to 2016 is 29.500 USD per year including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship but not including insurance.
International students will be stayed with the native families who are carefully selected in and around Naples area. A guardian was appointed to assist and supervise students and indigenous families during the study period in the US.
Extracurricular activities
Students at the school will be participated in some extracurricular classes including Basketball Program, Challenge and Conquest Religious Clubs, Dance, Fencing, Guitar, Karate, Math League, Piano, Scholar Bowl, Scholastic Clubs, Soccer, Tae Kwon Therefore, and Volleyball.

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