Lansing Catholic High School

Lansing Catholic High School is a outpatient school for Catholic women and men in Lansing city, Michigan.

School is an academic institute in there the Catholic  community plays a role to run and be present vitally. The School  believes that every child can learn and develop their intelligence and spirit. The mission of the school is to work with students’ families to educate them towards promoting their potential ability through good education programs and to aim to encourage the development of intelligence, spirit, costitution and social interaction. Every year, the school has about 540 native students and 10 international students coming to enroll at the school.


The school is located in Lansing city of Michigan, This place is the capital of Michigan and the  home of Michigan University , one of the best academic research institutes of the US. This area is a hot  place for innovative energy and international students will have the opportunity to choose to participate in radical art galleries, talented theater groups, and excellent Music concerts .No end of worth-to-see things will please any theatre viewer, art fans or experts in the field of museum studies.Lansing city is away 1.5 driving hours from Detroit and 3 hours from Chicago, two of the largest US cities.

Studying costs

The total costs within 2015 – 2016 are $ 25.250 / year

Including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship fee but not including insurance

Food and accommodation

International students will be stayed with native families who are  selected carefully in and around Lansing area. A guardian was appointed to assist and supervise students and indigenous families throughout the studying time in the US.

Extracurricular activities

Students at the school will be involved in some extracurricular classes including Ballroom Dancing Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, French Club, Latin Club, Lansing Catholic High School Ambassadors, the National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, Ski Club , Spanish Club, Students for Life, Student Senate and Yearbook.

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