Kaplan Higher Institute, Singapore

At Kaplan Higher, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree within 2.5 years or learn to  get the master degree of finance, management within a year.

Kaplan Higher Education Academy is a member of the Washington Post Corporation (USA). The school now has 18,000 students studying part-time courses and full time with many diverse professions training from diploma to college, advanced studies …

School has scholarship policy for students studying Diploma and Bachelor programs with different levels from 70 to 140 million Vietnam dong depending on student’s achievement that achieved in 2010.

Kaplan Higher received Edu Trust certification for private educational organization in order to ensure the benefits of quality and standards for students studying here. Degree is granted by the universities in United Kingdom and Australia.

Education program:

-Degree for Bachelor of Official Science is granted for faculty of finance, marketing, management, information management, logistics by the International University of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland).

-Degree for Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting by University of Bedfordshire (English)

– Degree for Bachelor of Information Technology Science, Hotel Tourism Management, Marketing Management from Murdoch University (Australia).

– Degree for Banking and Stock Investment by Chartered Institute Security &Investerment (UK) and Kaplan Higher Education.

The school also has programs training English for students who want to consolidate and improve.

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