Information Abroad Studying in Switzerland

HTTI (International Hotel & Tourism Training Institute) is a school teaching of tourism and hotel in English at Switzerland.

IHTTI be evaluated is the quality school of training under the Swiss Education Group (SEG Group includes schools leading hotel management in Switzerland). In addition, It is one of the Association Suisse des Ecoles Hotelieres (ASEH Association schools of training for tourism, hotel was recognized by Switzerland education).

The training program at IHTTI are taught in English. It is located in the Neuchatel City under the French-speaking area. So, student live in a multicultural environment, multilingual will create favorable conditions for future work of the students.

With a theory periodic curriculum plus one internship periodic (4 to 6 months) paid salary help students not only equipped with theoretical knowledge of professional, but also have the opportunity to collide with reality. Wage each student receives during the internship periodic averagem from 2,168 to 2,450 CHF per month.
The school has two semester opened in February and November. English Program will assistant student unqualified English will start before the main program from 4 to 16 weeks.
Students can transfer among the schools in the same SEG system and qualification is recognized in worldwide. Students are also supported more than 60% cost of a preparatory course (payable approximately 400 CHF only covers tuition, accommodation and some other costs) and in particular, in April and October, SEG Group creates the opportunity to students under Group meeting employers who come from the major corporations of the restaurant chains, hotels, resorts.

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