Cultivate skills – The key to success

There are many very good students, but still unemployed, while many people learn at average or quite level but work very efficiently, successfully. A key point is the skill- factor that students see lightly.

Mistake of students: Disregarded skills
Due to lack of skills, so students of Vietnam is losing many opportunities. Many corporations, companies have multiple programs and international cooperation for the young people but can not find a person to attend due to weak bachelor skills, poor foreign language.
Learning skills Ineffectively
Students are able to come to classes to learn skills, but according Khac Hieu MSc, you must understand that in there, people only give you methods, direction ,not bring the practice. It is that students who must put it in various activities such as social activities at school, in clubs, class leader, team leader and go do more … Practising give us skills.
The expert also noted, there are 3 groups of basic skills are the skill to apply to yourself (discover yourself and set goals), skills for work and skills for application in society . Besides, each person must determine what is important and necessary for you. Students of Pedagogy schools will focus on different skills from students of Economic, Foreign Trade University … and it depends on each person’s goals.
Communication Skills for Leaders
Communication skills of the leader determines the success of the business, so training it is also one of the leading policy that businesses would need priority
1. Using body language flexibly
For you to become highlight, unmistakable and insoluble to anyone, apart from the ability to use language fluently, body language and the way you communicate with the opposite eye contributions to Speak that you is a very special person. To convey any messages, you should also use body language. This not only makes it easy to express the content but also contribute to create an atmosphere of intimacy with a partner.
2. Create attractive and inspiring
In communication, that you create attraction and inspire to listener is very important. To do this, you must speak clearly, confidently, carefully prepared and if necessary use a little humor and create a comfortable atmosphere.
3. Be always clear, consistent
When you communicate with partners and the media to promote your products even, Being clear and consistent in content is required to be given on top priority. Understand yourself what to say and what is being said to help you master the mind as well as your own spokesman. This will not only beautify your corporate image, but also avoid unnecessary mistakes when you “slip”.
4. Always give examples
Examples do not only show that you are a person of deep understanding, able to connect the problem but also help partners capture faster than what you are presenting.
5. Always listen

A business owner needs to have excellent listening skills. Listen to understand, to analyze problems, to learn from experience and sometimes listen also to capture the emotions of your partners and learn how to change the attitude to match. In addition, listening is the way you can show respect for others and for yourselves, give you a chance to capture something new.

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