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Through a long time of efforting to assert brand,  Korean Aviation University and Hanseo University   became  key training foudations for the airline industry in Korea in particular and the world in general

At the same time they are also the 2 universities attracting  most of students who want to study Korean to pursue the dream of conquering the sky.

Conquer the sky with the  best aviation training universities in Korea when studying in the land of Kimchi country.

1.Korea Avation University

Korea Avation University was established in 1952 as a national university in Gyeonggi, Korea. With 60 years of flourished developement, today KAU  has become a key training foudation for the airline industry of Korea in particular the world in general. Every year, the university constantly add high qualified human resources, experts in the field of aviation.

With its teaching quality, 15% of school’ students after graduation held key positions in  R & D corporation, agencies and large aerospace company. Not only conquering in the fields of education, But KAU  also implements many other  major research projects. Typically, we may know  new-generation developing projects such as  training astronaut one T-50 Jet, Naro, satellites, nano-devices, unmanned aerial vehicle,  aeronautical electric  technique, air traffic management,design aircraft  and craft, logistics, … With modern learning environment, professional quality of  education, Korea Avation University  created for itself a distinct and stable position  in the field of aviation training in Korea.

In addition, the university  also cooperates with many renowned corporations such as GE, Airbus, PLANSEE since 2009.

2.Hanseo  University – one of  2   best Aviation Training university in Korea

Hanseo University is established in 1991, plays a major role in moving towards the development and protection of the West marine area of Korea.

Hanseo University –trains interdisciplinary but  the most prominent and professional faculty  is  civil aviation. The university owns a large airport, aircraft systems, modern fly model for student’s study and research. Besides,with air stewardess training program, professional pilots, Hanseo University is confident to meet the needs of domestic and international aviation field.

One of  other plus points that makes the University Hanseo become attractive to students  at is modern facilities of the school. System of  libraries, classrooms, airport laboratories , stadiums, cafeterias, dormitories with full amenities , which create the best conditions for the students to learn and practice.

Lecturers of the university  have much experience and years of long overseas operations, acquiring spirit of  learning method, teaching styles from the West and then applying well in Korea are also advantages which make Hanseo become “expert” in the field of aviation training.  modern style of teaching has turned Hanseo University’ students confident and professional since sitting on the school.

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