Ballarat University and AMI Vocational Institute, Australia

University of Ballarat was established 130 years ago. The school has 50 years experience in the recruitment and caring of international students.

Ballarat has 3 large facilities at Mt Helen, Camp Street Campus and SMB Campus, all located in downtown Melbourne. Currently, it has 20,000 students studying different professions.

Also located in downtown Melbourne, AMI is one of the famous educational institutions in providing university programs through vocational training programs. The quality of school qualifications are recognized in worldwide. AMI has teaching methods to help students feel comfortable learning and absorbing all easy. Classes are small, so students are caring. Here, students will easily find libraries, clubs to hone expertise. The school has support services to students such as airfares, from arrangement housing to advisory individual problems for students.

AMI associated with Ballarat university training college courses, undergraduate and postgraduate with sectors of economy management, trade, accounting.

The training program at the school include: English (opening monthly) and courses: Commerce, Cooking, College of hotel and restaurant Management, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Accounting, Master of Business, Master of of international Business, Master of Trade (professional audit), Master of information technology Systems.

College programs opening on January 14th, April 4th, June 30th, September 20th. University programs and Masters on March 17th, July 14th and November 10th.

Students are allowed to work from 20 to 25 hours per week. After graduation, they can stay from 1 to 2 years of work. In addition, students have the opportunity to settle, the opportunity to accompany with husband or wife to go to school and vice versa, the mother or father accompany with sun  (in case of students under 18 years) and have the opportunity to apply for part time job permits granted with the visa.

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