Cultivate skills – The key to success

There are many very good students, but still unemployed, while many people learn at average or quite level but work very efficiently, successfully. A key point is the skill- factor that students see lightly.

Mistake of students: Disregarded skills
Due to lack of skills, so students of Vietnam is losing many opportunities. Many corporations, companies have multiple programs and international cooperation for the young people but can not find a person to attend due to weak bachelor skills, poor foreign language.
Learning skills Ineffectively
Students are able to come to classes to learn skills, but according Khac Hieu MSc, you must understand that in there, people only give you methods, direction ,not bring the practice. It is that students who must put it in various activities such as social activities at school, in clubs, class leader, team leader and go do more … Practising give us skills.
The expert also noted, there are 3 groups of basic skills are the skill to apply to yourself (discover yourself and set goals), skills for work and skills for application in society . Besides, each person must determine what is important and necessary for you. Students of Pedagogy schools will focus on different skills from students of Economic, Foreign Trade University … and it depends on each person’s goals.
Communication Skills for Leaders
Communication skills of the leader determines the success of the business, so training it is also one of the leading policy that businesses would need priority
1. Using body language flexibly
For you to become highlight, unmistakable and insoluble to anyone, apart from the ability to use language fluently, body language and the way you communicate with the opposite eye contributions to Speak that you is a very special person. To convey any messages, you should also use body language. This not only makes it easy to express the content but also contribute to create an atmosphere of intimacy with a partner.
2. Create attractive and inspiring
In communication, that you create attraction and inspire to listener is very important. To do this, you must speak clearly, confidently, carefully prepared and if necessary use a little humor and create a comfortable atmosphere.
3. Be always clear, consistent
When you communicate with partners and the media to promote your products even, Being clear and consistent in content is required to be given on top priority. Understand yourself what to say and what is being said to help you master the mind as well as your own spokesman. This will not only beautify your corporate image, but also avoid unnecessary mistakes when you “slip”.
4. Always give examples
Examples do not only show that you are a person of deep understanding, able to connect the problem but also help partners capture faster than what you are presenting.
5. Always listen

A business owner needs to have excellent listening skills. Listen to understand, to analyze problems, to learn from experience and sometimes listen also to capture the emotions of your partners and learn how to change the attitude to match. In addition, listening is the way you can show respect for others and for yourselves, give you a chance to capture something new.

Learn how to learn: Mind Map

Thinking diagram or mind map  is the form of record, use of color, image to search,  deepen and expand the idea, summarize the main idea of the content and systematize one topic. It is a tool to organize thinking ny author Tony Buzan (England) carefully studied and disseminated throughout the world.


His method  is taught and used in about 500 corporations, leading companies; More than 250 million people use Tony Buzan’s Mind Map; more than 3 billion people have seen and heard of his program

In teaching: Using mind map mobilizes maximum potentia of the brain, which helps students to learn actively, supports effective teaching methods.

Applying the thinking diagrams in teaching, teachers help students have a habit to manually record or summarize an issue, a topic already read – learned, as understood of  student with the form of mind map .

After let students become familiar with some avaiable thinking diagrams , teachers make a major topic,place this subject in the center of board (or on  notebooks, paper / cardboard), and then set the asked suggestion for students to draw on branches level 1, level 2 and level 3 … Each lesson is self-critical learning drawing on a sheet of paper, helping students easy to review, easy to check  necessary knowledge .

For students: That Students often  set mind map  will develops aesthetic abilities by designing it to the layout of colors, lines, branches so beautiful, sort of scientific ideas concise … And that’s to studemts “Learn to learn”: We learn to accumulate knowledge, but have we ever learn how to acquire such knowledge effectively yet?

The concept of mind map: Principle of operation on the principle of association. You can create a diagram in the simple form  on the principle of developing ideas: from one theme to create many large branches,from large branches create  much less branches and so expand into infinity. (The drawing way is very simple and there are many other features that the scheme became increasingly thinking global popularity).

For example, you want mapped thinking for a week of work, draw a central theme next week in mid-page white paper. From theme, you draw 7 large branch: monday,tuesday… … until Sunday, each branch one color. And from everything, you  re-draw the small tributaries of the work you intend to do in it, each work deploys details such as  (Who),  (Where ),  (When), how (How) …?

Just so you can get on the same page of the work you intend to do in a week, and the beauty of thinking in that scheme is that it gives you a holistic view, not omitting the idea; from there you can easily number priority tasks in weeks to organize and manage time efficiently and reasonably than a notebook listing the common work.

These tips when using mind maps:

Colors also stimulates the brain as images. However, you do not need to use too many colors. You can just use one or two colors if you like and want to save time.

Draw more curve to avoid the monotony, creating softness, fascination.

When you use individual keywords, each keyword is not bound, so it is likely to stimulate new ideas, new thoughts.

If you write all sentences on  branch,   you will extinguish ability suggestive and reminiscent of the brain. Your brain will lose all interest when receiving a complete information. So remember on each branch, you only write one or two keywords . Then you will write very fast and when read back, your brain will be stimulated to work to connect the information and thus, boost capacity and gradually reminiscent improve your ability to remember.

You should regularly use mind map when studying in group and system knowledge  in school, particularly when revising for exams. Mind map also helps teachers save time working at home and in the classroom a lot with the schematic thinking software on your computer that you can do at home and email for teachers make points before class.

Kingston College in UK

Founded in 1962, Kingston is famous as the leading college in the UK. University now has 3,500 full-time students and 6,000 part-time students. Our goal is to promote quality teaching and learning, giving each student the best development. Each year there are 500 graduating and transferring to universities.

1. EFL – English
2. A level
3. Foundation – Pre University
4. National Diploma – Higher Diploma
5. NVQ
The Specialized Training:
1. Arts, Graphics
2. Media, Performing Arts
3. Business, management, administration and law
4. Education, training, history, philosophy, literature, language
5. Information technology
6. Career: Electrical, mechanical, engine, hotels, beauty …….

Cost Homestay £ 130 / week (including meals fee)
Admission requirements:
Must be at least IELTS 3.5 or equivalent English courses.
For basic courses are college preparatory IELTS is 5.5

Opening: May 1,4,9

Southern Utah University in USA

Below are some examples of why should students choose to study in SUU:
  • Last ten years, graduates have achieved :
  1. 90% was admitted to accredited law schools
  2. 100% was admitted to pharmacy schools
  3. 96% admitted to medical schools
  4. 82% admitted to dental schools.
  • Recently, SUU has achieved 97.3% of employed people
  • Tuition at SUU is very reasonable (tuition of international university students is only 9.205USD / a semester)
  • Every year, Southern Utah University enrolls students from over 30 different countries
  • International students enjoy the kind attention to each individual, which makes the university famous
  • SUU has small class size, on an average,there are fewer than 30 students in 73% of subjects.

International Scholarship:
Southern Utah University award special scholarships for international students. Any student that has completed enrollment files before the deadline for the scholarship will automatically be considered for a scholarship.
The deadline for fall semester
  • March 1 – Deadline of prior scholarship for international students
  • May 1 – Deadline of scholarships for international students
The deadline for spring semester
  • October 1 – Deadline of scholarships for international students in Spring
The scholarship types:
  • Founder International Scholarship – 4 years: scholarship 8.500USD
  • Dean International Scholarship – 4 years: $ 6,000 scholarship
  • Centurium International Scholarship – $ 3,000 scholarship for 4 years

Newcastle University in UK

Newcastle University is one of only 20 schools which have all three verification certificate of EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB in England and in the top 1% of business schools worldwide having this ‘triangle crown’.

To win that titles, the university always ensures high quality teaching environment, innovatory degree structure with the active participation with sectors. This is expressed through ratio 92% of students who satisfy about all in Measure Survey of International Students.
This university has over 3,300 students, of which 46% are international students. About sources of knowledge, this is the focus of research and teaching innovation with 137 lecturers, including 64 professors, Vice Professor and Senior Lecturer.
The postgraduate program: forms of the University ensure to be admitted by branches in England with accreditation certificates of 10 specialized agencies.
Newcastle University Specially focuses on researching and commits to influence people, Newcastle University works to ensure not only excellent quality but also “Excellence with Purpose”.
As a member of the Russell Group, Newcastle University commits to ensure the best research and excellent studying and teaching quality. The university is ranked in the top 20 leading universities in the UK.

Hotel Tourism Switzerlands-style in Australia


School AIHS (Australian International Hotel School), located at the capital center Canberra and BMHS school (Blue Mountains Hotel School) is located about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney to the west.


Both schools are member units of the Hotel Education Group Laureate specialized training for the schools including Glion, and Les Roches Roches University of Applied Science in Switzerland; Kendall College in the US. Students can choose to study in Canberra or Sydney. Underraduate program in 2.5 years and Master in 1.5 years. Opening 4 times per year in February, April,July and October.
The educational program including:
– English (for students without IELTS 6)
– Certificate of Business – Certificate IV of Business (for students of grade 11 and have not graduated from high school), then go straight to college.
– Bachelor of business administration specialized international hotel and resort.
– Bachelor of Business specialized international hotel management.
– Bachelor of business administration specialized international event.
– Master of Art in Hotel International Management.
Specifically, students can register into the double diploma program, just half a year to learn some other professionals and receive two degrees with two different subjects.
Undergraduate student in AIHS or BMHS will receive a bachelor’s degree at the University of Queensland university and learning IHTTI diploma, Switzerland.
Students attending BMHS or AIHS can tranfer between two places or can adward to Switzerland at the Roche University or to the United States at Kendall University.
During the course, students practice for 6 months a year, total practice time throughout  the course is 18 months equivalent of 1,200 full-time working hours (full time). Students are paid overtime in salary as an Australian citizen for practice hours – the average salary about 3,200 AUD per month. Normally, school arrange for students to practice in the Hyatt International Corporation, Four Seasons, Accor, Marriott … Also, while learning theory, as prescribed by student visa law, students are allowed to do more 20 hours per week while studying and full-time employment in summer or holidays. After graduation, students are stayed to work in Australia for 2 years and may meet the need for residence.

Justin-Siena High School

Justin-Siena High School is a Catholic school for outpatient men and women in the city of Napa, California State.

The school committed providing to students with the different platforms, the careful preparation to train them with positive thoughts and become a man having compassion, a sense of responsibility and confidence to adapt to a mutual international community together. At the same time, the school also brings to challenges for each student based on individual potential and brings to the strict improving programs to meet the aspirations of the children. Every year, having about 600 indigenous students and 17 international students enrolled at the school.

The University is located on the land of 37 acres in the city of Napa, California State. This is a city with about 60,000 people, is located just away from 55 miles in the north east of San Francisco State. The city is a part of the Napay Valley, a famous area throughout the US as a “wine country” beautiful of California State. San Francisco is lately a great city with the teams of football and basketball professionally, many museums, theaters and outdoor markets and on the beach.
Studying Costs
The total cost of the academic year 2015 to 2016 is 42.500 USD per year including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship but not including insurance
Student will be stayed in a native family who was carefully chosen in Napa area, Guardian is appointed to support and supervise students and indigenous families during the studying periods in the US.
Extracurricular activities
Students study at the school will be take part in the number of clubs and activities in the afternoon and on weekend. A number of clubs and activities are held annually as Amnesty International, Jazz Band, Key Club, Drama, Choir, School Yearbook, Spirit Club, Friday Night Live, Campus Ministry, Chess Club, and Computers Club.

Everest Academy Private Catholic School

Everest Academy school is private Catholic  school which is boarding and outpatient for boys andgirls  from kindergarten to secondary in Clarkston city, Michigan.

In 2008, the school noticed the beginning of term of the first high-school program.The school’s main belief is the combination of 4 principles: challenging  academic curriculums, developmens  of students’ personality, forming the psychological, and church plans. Based on this leading platform, the school hopes to prepare well  for future students solidly  and help students fulfill their personal goals. Every year, there are about 450 indigenous students and 35 international students coming to enroll in the school.

School is located in  Clarkston city, Michigan, a suburb of Oakland county where it is  just a hour away from the main city Detroit. Nearby, there are many lakes and hills. Tourists and residents can take advantage of this ideal terrain for hiking or skiing in the winter, boating or water skiing in the summer. Clarkston is also only  away  20 minutes driving  to the fashion stores, restaurants, cultural museums. Winters are usually  cold and summers are often warm.
Studying costs
The total costs are 33,000 USD / year
Including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship fee  but not including insurance
Food and accommodation
All international students at the school would be right to choose to live in the student dormitories or with native families  chosen carefully. For high school students, they only live with native families. A coordinator was appointed to support and supervise students and indigenous families throughout the US studying time.The Dormitories for male students is located in the campus,the dormitories of female students is a separate building owned by the university campus and is  20 minutes away from the school’s campus.
Extracurricular activities
High school students will be involved in extracurricular activities such as Annual CampingTrip, Band, Choir, Michigan Math League, Newspaper, School Retreats, Student Government, and Yearbook.
For the secondary level, the students can participate in extracurricular activities like Christmas Parade Float Commit- tee, Movie Nights, School Retreats, Spring Dinner Theater, Student Government, and Yea

Orange County Public Schools

Orange County public schools are the 11th largest district in the US, with more than 175,000 students.

Large scale of the District allows students have more diverse extra-curricular activities including sports programs great. Thanks to the qualified sports programs that students will be more favorable to achieve better college scholarships. With many different programs and various advanced courses in the District will help them well-prepared in order to easy enter into college. Many schools in the County are recognized and awarded numerous awards By Florida State for his efforts  learning . With almost 85% of students in large classes in secondary schools to participate in the pre-university classes, it is easy to realize. Orange County try to focus primarily on how to bring success to the students, created a system with high professional competence and allowing the children to be taught in a work environment and learning safety to increase their success.

Living Environment
Orlando is the 5th largest city in Florida State, and also the largest inland city of the state. Nicknamed the “City Beautiful” is true because of having many swamps, lakes, and warm climate. In addition, with the lush landscape, Orlando has many activities to keep children become busy; besidesthe famous Walt Disney World Resort nearby and Universal Orlando Studios, also have numerous things to play. If you feel tired with the rollercoaster, waterslides and animal kingdom, there are golf playgrounds, theaters, galleries, opera, ballet, libraries, museums, drama club and a couple of the biggest shopping centers – all located in the heart of Orlando. In addition, there are film festivals, parties and public markets of farmers to participate. As an inner city serving thousands of people every day, there are trains and buses to help people move easily and comfortably to enjoy all the entertainment places that you like. Orlando is a great place to explore.
The weather of this region is warmest in July and coldest in January time of year. June is the wettest period of the year. The highest temperature was recorded to 39 degrees Celsius in 1921 and lowest temperature in 1894 to -8 degrees Celsius.
Studying Costs
Cost of academic year 2015 – 2016 is 23.700 USD per year including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship but not including insurance.
Extracurricular activities
Students study in Orange County Public Schools will be participated in some extracurricular classes including Anime Club, Advanced Engineering Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Debate Club, French Club, German Club, Green Team , Key Club, National Honor Society, Newspaper, National Technical Honor Society, ROTC, Spanish Honor Society, Student Government Association, Thespians Troupe, Yearbook, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Crew, Cross Country, Diving, Flag Football, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weight Lifting-, Wrestling, AP Courses Arts, Band, Chorus, Dance, Guitar, Music, Musical Theater, Orchestra, Photography, Strings, Visual Art.

Cumberland Christian School

Cumberland Christian School is the Christian school outpatient for both male and female in the city of Austell, Georgia State.

School is accredited by Certifying Organizations of the Georgia Nongovernmental Education and the Association of International Schools. In addition, high school graduation diploma is certified with “quality certification” by the certifying organization of the Georgia nongovernmental educational. With this certify, students who graduate with excellent results can be assured a scholarship the Hope Scholarship and the parents do not have to worry because this is the standard to meet the national education quality. Every year, there are about 100 indigenous students and 15 international students to enroll in the school.
Living Environment

School is situated in the city of Austell, Georgia State, near the main city of Georgia, Atlanta State. There are many attractive activities in Austell and Atlanta neighborhood like visiting the aquarium, museums, markets, joining in the game at Braves and Turner Field, enjoying concerts and entertaining in the Performing Arts Center and festivals throughout the year. Climate in Austell is typically hot, humid and warm, but occasionally having typical chilly winters of the southern United States. Summer temperature can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter is below 50 degrees F.

Studying Costs
Total of costs is 29,000 USD per year including tuition, accommodation, care and guardianship but not including insurance.
Each student will be stayed with a native family who is carefully chosen in Austell and the surrounding area.
Extracurricular activities
Students at the school will be participated in some extracurricular classes including Angel Tree Christmas, Athletic Teams, Program Band, Choral Music Program, Community Service Opportunities, Fred Jordan Event, Mission Trips to Inner Cities, Student Leader- ship Teams, Study Trips to Science Camp, Catalina, New York City, Washington, DC and Europe.

10 Principles of Everyday

1. Do something because you want to challenge yourself
If you ask any millionaire themselves about the reasons why they started out in the field they are doing, the more likely they will not just say “to earn 1 million dollars”. The real story behind the success of most people is that they want to accept the challenge to pursue their dreams and become successful from the their own viewpoints.

2. Never be too pleased with yourself

Never in some moments in the your journey to the top, you stop and think: “OK, I’ve done enough, I can stop working so hard.” If you have reached your goal and earned 1 million dollars, you should set another goal!. You should not be too comfortable, you must always work to get more.
3. Studying and working harder than anyone
However talented you are , you’ll never be able to achieve the full potentiality of success unless you are willing to study and work harder than anyone else. This is the only way to really achieve the goals you set out.
4. Drawing on lessons from the failures and mistakes
On a millionaire yourself journey, you will not be able to avoid the mistakes and failures. The way you reaction to setbacks will determine your success. If you fail, do not be disappointed in yourselves, but you should see it as learning experience, skip and move forward.
5. Do not stop reading every day
This principle no matter how much emphatic it is is not enough – you always have to read. Never stop reading and never stop finding new subjects to read. You should be aware of new changes in fields to stay ahead of the trends. You should also know that one of the factors that help the most successful billionaires like Bill Gates world, Warren Buffett is constantly reading each day.
6. Keep your body and mind healthy and balanced
To be enough energy to fulfill all the goals, you have to stay healthy and alert. Exercises for the brain and good mental health will help you overcome the most important parts to become the best version of yourself. Therefore, do daily exercises, eat right and always get enough sleep .
7. Be side by side with people who tend to succeed like you
Be together with the wrong person can be the main reason that you are exhausted. Please ensure that you be in with people who have the same goals and visions, and want to succeed about finance. Being in with these people will motivate you and help you stay focused. Avoid people who are not interested in the job. Those who spend the entire time feasting will not be good for your success.
8. Give away for those who are less luck than yourself and care about your loved relatives.
In addition to care about your mind and body, taking care of your soul is not less important. Never take your eyes off the world around you and people who need helping. Caring about your loved ones is one of the best ways to enjoy your success.
Please share with those who are less lucky. This really will make a difference in perspective and your work ethic.
9. Be honest and transparent
Lying and deceiting will never take you away as you think. You should always be honest, forthright and transparent to everybody. This is a really important action but generally not be paid attention properly. If you pay attention to this, it can help you achieve long-term career success that you seek.
10. To succeed, think long term things , not just short-term 
Many people only focus on the immediate success and have goals like “I want to earn for X next years.” Do not focus on short-term goals, focus on long-term big pictures of life you want to. There are kinds of goals making you motivated to make a real complete for yourself and build wealth for you and your family.
Although it does not deny that there are some challenges to become a millionaire in yourself, if you always remember these principles and learn from those who have been successful in applying these principles, you will have the necessary knowledge to turn your financial goals into reality.

Banking Finance sector at the IUKB National University, Switzerland

Through a long time of efforting to assert brand,  Korean Aviation University and Hanseo University   became  key training foudations for the airline industry in Korea in particular and the world in general

At the same time they are also the 2 universities attracting  most of students who want to study Korean to pursue the dream of conquering the sky.

Conquer the sky with the  best aviation training universities in Korea when studying in the land of Kimchi country.

1.Korea Avation University

Korea Avation University was established in 1952 as a national university in Gyeonggi, Korea. With 60 years of flourished developement, today KAU  has become a key training foudation for the airline industry of Korea in particular the world in general. Every year, the university constantly add high qualified human resources, experts in the field of aviation.

With its teaching quality, 15% of school’ students after graduation held key positions in  R & D corporation, agencies and large aerospace company. Not only conquering in the fields of education, But KAU  also implements many other  major research projects. Typically, we may know  new-generation developing projects such as  training astronaut one T-50 Jet, Naro, satellites, nano-devices, unmanned aerial vehicle,  aeronautical electric  technique, air traffic management,design aircraft  and craft, logistics, … With modern learning environment, professional quality of  education, Korea Avation University  created for itself a distinct and stable position  in the field of aviation training in Korea.

In addition, the university  also cooperates with many renowned corporations such as GE, Airbus, PLANSEE since 2009.

2.Hanseo  University – one of  2   best Aviation Training university in Korea

Hanseo University is established in 1991, plays a major role in moving towards the development and protection of the West marine area of Korea.

Hanseo University –trains interdisciplinary but  the most prominent and professional faculty  is  civil aviation. The university owns a large airport, aircraft systems, modern fly model for student’s study and research. Besides,with air stewardess training program, professional pilots, Hanseo University is confident to meet the needs of domestic and international aviation field.

One of  other plus points that makes the University Hanseo become attractive to students  at is modern facilities of the school. System of  libraries, classrooms, airport laboratories , stadiums, cafeterias, dormitories with full amenities , which create the best conditions for the students to learn and practice.

Lecturers of the university  have much experience and years of long overseas operations, acquiring spirit of  learning method, teaching styles from the West and then applying well in Korea are also advantages which make Hanseo become “expert” in the field of aviation training.  modern style of teaching has turned Hanseo University’ students confident and professional since sitting on the school.